Frequently Asked Questions

If my question isn’t answered here, who do I ask?

Just email us –

What percentage of donations go to the charities?

Each watch comes with a metric which is carried out with the purchase of the watch. Not only is this the best way to quantify change but it is entirely transparent. e.g.) 1 red watch provides aids treatment for 8 patients through our charity partner Keep a Child Alive. The same holds true for each of the other metrics. The goal is to create actual quantified change in people’s lives around the world for each watch sold.

Is there a Warranty?

Yes there is a 24-month warranty if the watch is defective from our manufacturer or if it is broken in shipping. Under 1% of orders have had this issue but if somehow your watch turns out to be defective you can email and we will provide you all informations about your replacement immediately. There are no refunds only exchanges.

Where are the watches manufactured?

The watches are designed at the Mirza Minds headquarters in Chicago, IL & assembled in Shenzhen, China. Our manufacturing facilities have passed the SA8000 (Social Accountability) and ISO14000 (Environmental) audits. Furthermore, our manufacturing facility is ROHS compliant and a ROHS sticker has been placed inside every watch.

Will the screen crack?

The screen is made out of tempered glass and will not crack unless there is a VERY heavy impact. However, it might be covered in the warranty policy.

How long does the battery last?

The battery life depends on how often you check the time, but if you check about 6 times per day, it should last around 2 years.

What are dimensions of watches and which materials are used?

Touchscreen and Classic watch are made from alloy metal frame and polycarbonate silicon band. :M watches are made from stainless steel - gold or silver plated and G1 Fabric strap.

All 1FaceWatch watches are unisex, they have more sizes, the smallest hand diameter is for 14 cm. Touchscreen and Classic watch parameters are 8.5 cm x 12 cm strap and 4.25 cm x 4.24 cm display. :M watch parameters are 7 cm x 15 cm strap and 3.9 x 3.9 cm display.

In which countries do you distribute?

We only deliver goods in the following EU countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, United Kingdom.

What is the shipping cost?

We send the goods by GLS service. The dispatching and packing costs is 5 Eur WITHIN EU COUNTRIES.

When will my watch be delivered?

As standard orders are settled within 3 working days from receiving the order. All European orders usually arrive within 3-5 working days from sending. We thank you for your support and we will let you know the moment your 1:Face Watch has shipped!

How do you set the time on the Touchscreen watch?

1. Press and hold in the middle of the screen until the hours digit begins to flash.
2. Tap the watch to toggle through the hours.
3. Tap and hold until the minutes begin to flash.
4. Tap the watch to toggle through the minutes.
5. Tap and hold until the screen switches to year and date.

How do you set the time on the Classic watch?

1. Press bottom Left side button. (The time will display.)
2. Press bottom Right side button. (The time will start to blink.)
3. Press top Right side button and set the time.
4. Repeat Step 1 and then the time is set.

Can the battery be changed?

Yes. You can take it to the watch repair section of any major department store, or buy the battery yourself and replace it. Battery Type: Maxell CR2032 3V

Are all the watches water resistant?

Yes all watches are 3ATM water resistant which means you can take the watch up to 96 feet under the water.

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