General Business Terms

Business Terms

1. The internet shop operator and, at the same time, the distributor of the project 1FaceWatch for Europe is the company HG TIMES s.r.o, Pod vinicou 417/45, 97217, Kanianka, registered in the register District Court Trenčín, Part: s.r.o, Insert No. 33943/R, ID number: 50 563 467

2. The ordering party (purchaser) in the Internet shop is every natural person who sends an electronic form to order goods.

3. When ordering as a natural person, please indicate your name, surname, delivery address of the goods, telephone number and e-mail.

4. When the operator receives an order for goods a purchase contract is concluded between the operator (seller) and the ordering party (purchaser) through the acknowledgement of this correctly and completely filled in electronic order form. After an order is sent to the e-mail address, an acknowledgement of receiving the order will be sent and, later additional information about the status of the order.

5. The place of the purchase contract means the registered office (residence) or the place of business of the ordering party given in the electronic order form. The operator will deliver the goods using the services of third parties (courier service). The goods are delivered when they are handed over to the ordering party or handed over for transport to the contractual partner. The ownership rights to the goods are transferred to the ordering party when the goods are delivered if the purchase price in the order is fully paid. Until the ownership rights are transferred from the operator to the ordering party, the ordering party has all the obligations of the custodian of the items and must store and mark the products and services at its own costs so they can be identified under all circumstances as the goods of the operator.

6. The operator will deliver the goods to the ordering party as quickly as possible after receiving the electronic order form within the delivery times given on the operator’s Internet page. The ordering party takes into consideration that the delivery times are for information only. The ordering party agrees to prolong the delivery time if the circumstances warrant it. If the operator cannot deliver all the ordered goods to the ordering party within the agreed delivery time, the operator will notify the ordering party as quickly as possible and give the expected delivery date of the ordered goods or will offer to deliver alternative goods.

7. If the goods are delivered by a contracting forwarder, the ordering party consents to the operator providing the contracting forwarder with the necessary personal data to deliver the goods (name / business name, address, telephone number).

8. When handing over goods, the ordering party will receive a document about paying for the goods which is also the document about delivering the goods. The document about delivering the goods is also the written order for the goods.

9. If the ordering party does not pay and does not take over the ordered goods, except if the goods have been damaged during delivery, (the consignment is returned as not delivered without the operator being at fault, e.g. if the contracting forwarder did not find the addressee, did not notify him about the custody of the consignment, the ordering party did not take over the consignment by omission or intentionally, etc. ), the operator can claim compensation for the damage caused by the breach of the obligations to which the contractual penalty relates. The contractual penalty is at the least the paid mail fee and at most 50% of the total order price. An e-mail message will be sent to the ordering party that did not take over the order asking for information about what to do with this order. The ordering party has 7 days from when the message was send to respond. If the ordering party asks for the returned consignment to be re-sent, the operator will add to the total price of the consignment a handling fee and mail fee of Eur 10. A returned consignment can only be re-sent if it is paid for in advance. If the ordering party does not respond by the deadline, the operator will cancel it.

10. The ordering party, as a private person (not an entrepreneur), can cancel a contract within 14 days from the delivery of the goods in accordance with the law. The ordering party must contact the operator and send it electronically a declaration of cancelling the contract giving the number of the order, the date of purchase and the account number or exact address for the financial settlement. The ordering party must send, at its own cost, the purchased goods in the original condition as when handed over (including the documentation, accessories, etc.) together with the original of the purchase document to the address of the operator. The operator undertakes to return the price of the goods to the ordering party within 15 calendar days from receiving the returned goods in the same way that was used to pay for the goods, unless the ordering party states otherwise. If the goods are damaged, used, worn or incomplete, the operator reserves the right not to accept the goods from the ordering party and not to return the paid amount.

11. The operator reserves the right to change the prices. The price in the e-mail confirming that the order has been received is valid. The price does not include consultation, transport fees or any costs not mentioned in the description of the product. The price of the goods is stated according to the valid price list. Discounted prices of goods are clearly marked. The discounted prices are valid until the stock is sold out.

12. If the ordering party is located or lives abroad, the operator will agree the payment and delivery terms with the ordering party individually.

13. The warranty terms are stipulated by the Claim rules.

14. The operator is not liable for the late delivery of goods caused by the forwarder (post office, courier) or by the ordering party giving an incorrect address. The ordering party must inspect the goods carefully when taking them over from the forwarder and acknowledge taking over the goods by signing the document on taking them over. If the consignment is visibly damaged or destroyed, the ordering party must immediately contact the operator without taking over the goods.

15. A claim for non-delivery of the goods because of the fault of the forwarder or damage to the goods caused by the forwarder must be made directly to the forwarder. A claim for mechanical damage to goods caused during transportation that the ordering party acknowledged taking over without damage from the forwarder will not be accepted by the operator as justified and the ordering party will not be paid for this claim.

16. All electronic orders for goods are considered as concluding a purchase contract. The ordering party has the right to cancel an order by e-mail without giving a reason at any time before the goods are dispatched. The operator has the right to cancel an order if the goods cannot be delivered due to force majeure, the production is terminated, they are sold out or they cannot be delivered at the price given in the Internet shop; the operator must always inform the ordering party of this. The operator must offer to deliver alternative goods. The ordering party can refuse the alternative goods and cancel the order. If the purchase price or part of it is paid, when an order is cancelled the financial funds will be returned to the ordering party within 15 calendar days in the same way that was used to pay for the goods, unless the ordering party states otherwise.

17. The ordering party declares that he/she agrees pursuant of Act No. 122/2013 Coll., on the protection of personal data, as amended, that the operator can process and store his/her personal date, particularly that mentioned above or that needed for the activities of the operator and process it in all its information systems. The ordering party gives the operator this consent for an unlimited time. The ordering party can withdraw the consent to processing data at any time in writing (by e-mail, letter), and the operator will delete the personal data of the ordering party from its database.

18. After sending an order or registering, the ordering party can receive messages about offers for goods, discounted goods and the services of the seller. The ordering party can stop these messages being sent at any time through the Internet reference in the delivered e-mails.

19. Business relations (as well as other legal regulations that may result from them) with natural persons who do not act when concluding business contracts according to these General business terms (VOP) during their business activities, are subject, in addition to the general provisions of the Civil code, to special regulations, in particular Act No. 108/2000 on protecting the customer during doorstep and distance selling, Act No. 250/2007 on protecting customers.

20. The ordering party and the operator agree that they fully acknowledge electronic communication, in particular through e-mails and the Internet as valid and binding on both contracting parties.

21. By sending an order, the ordering party acknowledges that he/she has read these VOP and completely agrees with them. Irrespective of the other provisions of these VOP, the operator is not liable for the lost profit of the ordering party, loss of opportunities or any other indirect or consequent losses due to negligence, a breach of the purchase contract or any other loss. If the competent bodies of the Slovak Republic find any provisions of these VOP invalid or unenforceable, the validity and enforceability of the other VOP and the remaining parts of the provision of VOP are not affected.

22. The VOP are valid in the wording on the Internet page of the operator when an electronic order form is sent, except when both contracting parries expressly state otherwise.

23. The mail fee also includes packing costs and the words “mail fee” mean mail fee and packing fee.

The operator reserves the right to change these VOP. The obligation of a written notification of a change in the VOP is fulfilled by its publication on the Internet page of the shop. These VOP enter into validity on 1.1.2017 and fully replace the previous VOP. The operator reserves the right to change these VOP without prior notification.


As standard orders are settled within 3 working days from receiving the order. We only deliver goods in the following countries: Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Bulgaria, Denmark, Italy, France, Ireland, United Kingdom.


We send the goods by GLS service. We send the goods within 3 working days from receiving the order. The dispatching and packing costs is 5 Eur WITHIN EU COUNTRIES.

Each consignment has an invoice which is also the delivery note.

Cancelling an order An order can be cancelled before it is sent. After a purchase - sale transaction, the purchase cannot be cancelled.


The purchaser can pay for goods in one of the following ways:
- by credit card (through the GP Webpay payment gate)
- by PayPal ( through the PayPal payment gate)

Bank details for the whole European Union.

Financial institution:

CSOB bank
IBAN: SK14 7500 0000 0040 2414 5771

Other our informations:

HG TIMES s.r.o
Pod vinicou 417/45
97217 Kanianka
ID number: 50 563 467 , VAT number: 2120407905
Supervision body: Slovak Trade Inspection (SOI) SOI Bratislava region inspectorate Prievozská 32, 820 07 Bratislava Department of technical inspection of products and protecting consumers tel. No.: 02/ 58272 172; 02/58272 104 fax No.: 02/ 58272 170


1. The operator (seller) of the watches Internet shop with HG Times s.r.o., Pod vinicou 417/45, 97217 Kanianka

2. The ordering party (purchaser) in the Internet shop is every natural person who sends an electronic goods order form for ordering goods (products or services).

3. This RP stipulates the legal relations between the operator and the ordering party when settling claims about the correctness and quality of the goods and services provided by the operator.

4. For the purpose of these Claim rules, claim means the right applied by the ordering party for the application of liability for defects to the goods or services provided by the ordering party by which certain correction or replacement for erroneous fulfilment or not fulfilment of the subject of the contract is required.

Procedure for settling claims

1. Pursuant to this RP, the authorized person can make a claim by electronic mail at

2. The following must be clear from the claim: who is submitting the claim (name, surname, permanent residence address), the subject of the claim, or what the ordering party wants, to whom the claim is addressed, the claim’s delivery date, the signature of the ordering party or the authorized person together with the authorization to act.

3. If a claim is submitted electronically a Power of Attorney must be submitted for the claim about the representation of the ordering party.

4. If the claim does not contain the information in point 2 of this Article, it will be considered unjustified.

5. The maximum deadline settling a claim is 30 days from when the claim was made. The ordering party will issue a written document about settling a claim for the client.

6. Making a claim means the day the claim is made by the ordering party. The day of making a claim is: for mail consignments - the date the claim is delivered to the mail branch of the registered office of the ordering party for a personal delivery – the date on the copy of the claim, by which the ordering party acknowledges that it is delivered for e-mail delivery – the date e-mail message is delivered to the e-mail address of the ordering party.

7. Other legal relations between the operator and the ordering party not expressly stipulated in this PR, will be governed by the respective provisions of individual contracts concluded between the operator and the ordering party and the respective provisions of the generally binding legal regulations valid in the Slovak Republic.

8. The ordering party can change or amend this RP due to changes in the legal regulations and the business environment at any time. The ordering party has published the actual wording of the RP on the Internet page.

This RP becomes valid and effective from 1.1.2017 and completely replaces the previous RP. The operator also reserves the right to change the RP without prior notification

Personal data protection The information provided on registration and order forms, will be exclusively used for our internal needs, delivering goods and invoicing. It will not be provided to third parties or commercially used. Our company strictly adheres to the personal data protection act.